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Hello Mac-Seniors,

I have a dream. It’s the dream that there will be video tutorials on the internet that will be created with Seniors in mind and they will be free to Seniors all over the world.

Since I’m not a “Not for Profit” organization, I can’t get funding to create it myself, so I’ve enlisted the help of GoFundMe. Here’s a video I created to introduce what I’m going to be doing in the upcoming months. Luckily, one of the best Creatives at my local Apple store got permission to volunteer to help me with this project. His name is Adam Honné and I am in awe of his talent and how fast he does the work. It would take me hours and hours to do what he does in seconds. Thank you Adam.

My other wonderful volunteer is my friend Sid, who’s creativity and talent enabled my fairy godmother’s wings to flap which delights me every time I see her on my home page looking so inviting. He is working on the home page for MSU, enabling her to be there flapping her wings, with a videocamera in her hand and a mortarboard hat on her head. Thank you Sid.

I’m asking that everyone who sees this video, help me get the word out to Seniors everywhere. Let them know that I need help in spreading the word as much as I need funding.

My husband came up with a great idea of how to raise more money for this venture. He said “If you want more clients to hire you to come into their homes for one to one training, cut your fee in half”. My fee is $100 an hour so my new offer is:

“I will come to your home to help you with what ever it is that you want to learn, and the cost will be $50 an hour and I will donate $25 of it to MSU”. Just think…if all of you sent in $1 and all of the Seniors you shared it with sent in $1 and all of the people they shared it with sent in $1…we would be up and running in no time for less than a cup of coffee.

Thanks so much for being a part of my life through your subscription to my website. I appreciate it more than I can say.

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